Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Garden Overload--April

Only another gardener can appreciate the feeling of desperation that settles in when we have an over abundance of rain at the beginning of Spring, followed by a short “false spring” (when everyone thinks it’s time to plant tomatoes), then colder than normal temperatures, then another light warming with a few early spring showers, followed by a couple more frosty nights, all which keep the soil too wet to work in and too cold to plant in.

We watch the weather reports religiously to see how much the thermometer has inched closer to the 65 degree daytime temperature mark that favors seed germination. Then one morning we wake up to the sun shining and the frost finally over... and the snail and slug population exploded, grey aphids all over the cabbages and kale, and a nasty, sticky weed creeping all over every corner of the gardens...

We HAVE to clean out the squatters while waiting for the temperature to warm up to seed sowing range. What else can you do?

I ordered more seeds.

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